4 January, 2012
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Theme and values: Interculturalism, social integration, understanding and empathy towards people of other realities, personal identity, religious and political tolerance against intolerant fundamentalism, exile and emigration, the Middle East conflict, Iran-Iraq war.

This film tells the moving story of an Iranian girl since the Islamic revolution to the present day. When fundamentalists take power, forcing women to wear veils and imprisoning thousands of people, and occurs while the war between Iraq and Iran, Marjane discovers punk, ABBA to Iron Maiden. When they reach adolescence, her parents sent to Europe, where he meets another culture that has nothing to do with their country. The protagonist is well adapted to his new life, but does not support the solitude and returns to his family, even if it means putting on the veil and undergo a tyrannical society.


One Response to PERSEPOLIS

  1. Patrick 4 º A on 16 February, 2012 at 16:54

    Teacher have to see this film in class, as it is very nice I saw last year and I will return to see :)

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