PAPERMAN ( Animated Short ).

23 March, 2013

Why not become a paper avioncillo-if only for 6 minutes, and get carried away by the current of emotions that brings us this short of Disney?

Sounds like a typical day in the heat and monotonous half century, and our players waiting in the station with natural smile- the train that will take them to their offices.

Not that the man of paper or anything like that, but it has the power here a stranger comes to paper. Hence perhaps the title "Paperman".

The wind can sometimes seem inconvenient and blow us papers; in return, other times it may become the guilt of an entire "Histoire d'amour".

This was what happened in this story: paper document until the boy flew the girl lipstick tattooed the outline of her lips. This is a bit funny but, evidently, the train hurried away without waiting for both of them to leave. Attempting to draw a smile on the other was in vain. Do you think these guys have all lost? At least the kid is left a little souvenir of her ... Come on lads, and can stay "hooked" to continue watching the video until the end to see what happens; good way to create some intrigue, Is not?

Our boy is in the office working butt has imposed big boss, when suddenly, the paper with the kiss made an effort to fly across the window. ¡Oh, if that document fly out and nothing would be left of that strange to you as briefly established an even stronger- connection! It was a reflex the stop in a hurry before it went flying when he accidentally sees what he least expected: girl working her right in the building opposite.

With the intention of attracting the attention of the girl tried everything that was in his hand - pun intended- beckoning and .... Wait ... all those bits of paper business? Come, avioncillos make paper stated, and to throw them to see if chance she came to realize that the guy is closer to what is not expected.

The scene of the video work and general, is a great city. Maybe then want us to understand that in the big cities sooooo coincidences and chance are most unlikely.

A clear example is the time when the guy tries to hit with avioncillos of paper in the window where the girl was. Look at the amount of things in the city that prevent the arrival of an airplane to your destination: in one of the drops sometimes seen as to mix with traffic, in another stumbles upon a group of birds (this special time and I became quite impressed because grace brings far more originality and consistency to the plot), and even sneaks into the room of a man who was quietly at his desk and surprise landing of a strange paper airplane ... Admit: there are no coincidences.

Good, then, if no accident, we find another reason why not to give in trying to re-find our protagonists to each other.

Throughout the history, images appear in black and white, we are in a time not so modern as ours. All, all,No ...; the kiss and the girl's lips are red, are the only exception of all the mini film. What does this mean? Aha!That is a signal! Maybe from the time when the girl's lips marked the document they gave to it a kind of "connection strength" that would make paper always had a tendency to be attracted wherever this girl encontrase. ( -Qué malotes los labios de la chica que van por ahí volviendo marimandones a los documentos de oficina normalitos,- estaréis diciendo ).

Y ahora volvamos al momento en el que nos habíamos quedado. Resulta que se acaban todos los documentos de la oficina hasta que sólo queda uno: el que tiene el beso. Nuestro protagonista se arriesga y hace con él el último avioncillo, to see if it succeeds at last. What happens is that a gust of wind comes (yes, again, spring days are well: you never know which way the hair will blow; o los avioncillos de papel) and ejected aimlessly, unable to keep track.

OUH, that the big boss is not going to do much grace .... although that does not matter to our main character, because you know what? They decide to fight for what you want even if you need to impose their "obligations". Sincerely, its obligation- at least in my opinion- is what made: out to find the girl before possibly losing sight forever.

Good, since they do not fit avioncillos paper he will have to look out. Spread, Spread!Again enters the game the crowd and traffic along the typical bustle of cities "occupied and abstracted", until meantime loses sight of his girl, but returns to meet the so famous lips della document. "We're back? Is it possible? Fuck the destination,never find!” “-.-


Va, el avioncillo sigue teniendo ese beso, so "comes alive" and will meet with his mistress, not before deste waiter charge, and it organizes a "Cupids Army aviators" who fly trap and take him to the station. Y la música que se emplea de fondo también hace que el espectador se implique más en el video y tenga “esperanzas” de un final digno de los cortos de Disney.

Ella ve el símbolo misterioso y de repente lo sigue hasta la estación, también. ¡Vaya, ya estamos todos!

All these facts the present time is not very likely to occur, because society is already dominated by technology and working papers are becoming obsolete almost: people and works with tablets, Laptops PDA's. Shame. I personally, I think it is important to use the technology because it is quite convenient but progress, to the station to go with my neck papeluchos, besides that this place gives a very suitable for working, devise, write, and invent.

Well avioncillos, it was a pleasure to get here, your mission is over and .... Remember that life wants that we never give. I hope you enjoyed :3


One Response to PAPERMAN ( Animated Short ).

  1. Gonzalo Carretero Cassinello on 23 March, 2013 at 19:22

    I'm going to ignore Viri and I'm going to turn into a super avioncillo paper to see if I have luck and get accurate as a dart landing in the heart of this girl, to which you affectionately call , Mozaaa :D . You do not know if you feel the same but I always train stations (as it happens the short) I often evoke the commencement or continuation of a story.

    It is true that the magic of cinema, makes a megalopolis as was and still is New York, all of a sudden appear after the window adjacent building, this mysterious girl. Well as you have asked us to get carried away by emotions because I'm even believe this fantastic chance. Furthermore it is our life but a series of fantastic coincidences, be with me that if you leave everything to the logic there would be no magic and that we can not afford.

    What a imagination you have developed with the connection of the red lips and the role, there's nothing like doing balancing with words and try to give coherence to surprising event. More than smug, los labios de nuestra protagonistas son un sol que como un faro en noche cerrada, iluminan y señalan el camino que han de seguir nuestra pareja.

    Es cierto Viri, a veces en la vida tenemos que tomar decisiones y saber elegir, es la única manera de ser libre y consecuente con nuestros actos. Y aunque parezcan que no son las más adecuadas, el tiempo finalmente termina dándonos la razón. Por otro lado si no sale corriendo de la oficina, nos quedamos sin historia.

    La tecnología, la web, las redes sociales, nos ayudan a estar interconectados y entre otras cosas nos permiten compartir y crear conocimiento. Pero estoy contigo Viri, prefiero mi agenda de papel y escribir mientras mis ojos se funden con el horizonte, watching a sunset on the beach or watching people pass and crossing their lives, in a train station, to set eyes on a cold and distant gadget.

    Or better still travel by train and write as I speak to an uncertain fate. New technologies can never conquer the anxiety that produces romantic look at life through the window of a train. Run do not delay there is still a place. All aboard :D

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