Moments, a cut Nuno Rocha

21 October, 2013

Today we are going to introduce a little on the life and work of a young producer from Porto. At 36 years this Tripeiro (Porto gentile) is one of the most recognized creative short film format, and that they are known only 3 productions. Whether it has that capability, that you would like many, to reduce a personal story to a few minutes, lacking any form dialogic, or because their work explores the uniqueness of the subjects that are, but do not spend long but, that look, being tested, are overcome and that, above all, constitute the composition of themselves and others, there is no doubt that Rocha is one of the immediate reference of film sensitivity. And the proof of this is the great recognition he has received his little work. From this portal we join this recognition built this small space blog.

Their first production was the short Cradle Rock which won several awards and was exhibited at festivals (the Fantas o el International Short Film Festival of Vila do Conde); the penalty is its virtual absence it is not possible to find it on the net. His professional stage, or her first short film produced outside the school, dates from 2009 with the award-winning short 3×3: the story of a boy who overcomes his disability with its astonishing creativity and intelligence. After, Year 2011, produces short, also awarded, Moments: a short-it is the originator of the input lead-in which 7 minutes purifies the concept of community al return a vagabond (Rui Pena) what you missed. In the more we are going to have to shape the emotion vuestra, then we leave you with the video


The ideal community

He inspired Thomas More in his work Utopia to the will of social reification - that not perfectly, for this assessment is the result of particular interpretations beyond the author's claims -, through the transformation of man and his environment, for a community rich in values. Course, and to calm those who are familiar with the work, not agree with everything said with Moro, but embraces the need to produce social change as a more balanced; more community.

Well, This is what in my opinion builds Rocha in the short Moments. A community concerned about its members, he does not care how, when and why, but the what: the (re)building a sense: vagabond life is driven by members of the community who know and disown, with those who will ever talked or whose looks will fled, takes advantage of what they believe and not receiving, rarely, some input. Not surprising sensitivity suddenly confront him with what he had lost, but direct it again, gradually quickening their emotions through theatrical fiction that orchestra, is a passionate and shocking demonstration of what a community, a set of people, has the ability to get. The end, as we have seen, is perfect: not only he gets back her life but the others are active witnesses (and not mere spectators) and check your work Community: the birth of the utopian community.

Learn much with this film work, and how much we appreciate the commotion, in which people do not face it faced losses or other disagreements that, themselves, can not regain(is). Moments is a melting pot from which to rethink the meaning community, of why our only emphasis is focused on preserving the confrontation by the differences rather than the approach they. A community as the tramp is a microstate recovered Wellness, common space and genuine opportunity coexistence. A community ideal prevented the inoperative.

If you want to know more about the short, do not let visit the Lumiere Foundation blog, which allowed us to discover this fantastic short. Working Seguimo Values ​​Education through Audiovisual Media. A hug to everybody





4 Responses to Moments, a cut Nuno Rocha

  1. claudio on 25 August, 2019 at 06:52

    buenas quisiera saber quien es el compositor o cantante del tema gracias

    • Gonzalo Carretero Cassinello on 4 September, 2019 at 13:26

      Si te refieres a la canción que suena cada vez que entras en el blog. Los autores son David Flores y Alba Parrilla. Crearon la canción para que formara parte de la banda sonora del cortometraje Utopía. Aquí te dejo el enlace con el corto y
      toda la informaciónhttpp://

  2. personal trainer en Barcelona on 8 February, 2019 at 05:00

    blog Entra en mi sitio

  3. Daniel Mayoralas on 25 October, 2013 at 10:09

    Gracias por la mención, la verdad es que el corto impacta, no solo por el mensaje, sino por el montaje y la realización (La fotografía, como ese tono azulado y frío contrasta con la luminosidad de los momentos de su anterior vida) Hay otro corto, más largo y esta vez con diálogos en inglés, titulado Vicky and Sam, en el que vemos el poder que tienen los guionistas cuando crean sus historias. Poder y responsabilidad, ya que con esas historias pueden influir en las personas. Otra joya del realizador portugués que, cuentan los rumores, está preparando su primer largometraje

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