MARIZA (Animated Short)

23 December, 2012

As they say a brave face. There is no doubt that the attitude we adopt when developing any goal in life is essential, as I said the good Ibrai,m in the Flowers of the Koran, "Speaking with a smile" and goes something like this short. Faced with the difficult task of lifting the heavy fish is reinvented and negative Santorini Donkey. The owner has no other, that aside and look impositions through music, teamwork, complicity, the love and joy, the best means to achieve its purpose. Becoming this heavy work at a small party where music and dancing enliven the winding and steep slopes leading to this picturesque town. Without doubt the best of the short is the end, is often more important what we learn when we try to develop what we propose, that the very achievement of the objectives. Thanks for the link Live Adela Torres :D


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  1. Mila is 24 May, 2013 at 00:36

    Very interesting this short. I've also included as a possible activity for tutoring. Has an entry in my blog. Congratulations.

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