27 January, 2013


"Mirta is Cuban and lives in Madrid. Like many immigrants working on cleaning. Today at six p.m. marries his daughter. But nothing goes as she plans, and arrive at the wedding is harder than it looks. "

This cuts Marina Seresesky, apparent tenderness and solidarity. Despite the setbacks and obstacles with which the mother is, thanks to the solidarity, understanding and empathy of their immediate environment will be able to enjoy a very special way the marriage of his daughter. On the other hand, the work, recounts the struggle and courage of all immigrants anywhere in the world struggling to cope, away from their families and all those memories and experiences that have marked them as part of people.

The other day at school. a student of my tutoring was especially sad and sorrowful,( she like his family are Moroccan). When asked what was wrong. He looked at me with glassy eyes and told me that his grandfather had died, and for three years I did not see it and no longer would be able to see. Suddenly a feeling of helplessness and sadness invaded me whole body. Unfortunately stories how are you and more severe, are common among those who are away from their countries.

Muchas times in the stop though, how hard and complicated it can be the life of these groups and instead try to understand and understand their situations, the most we do is stigmatize with a series of stereotypes and prejudices that only help to distort and deny the truth of their lives. As Confucius says in one of his proverbs "... entristécete not because men do not know, but because you do not know men ". It is time to put ourselves in the place of others trying to understand it and not just seek to impose our judgment always.

I dedicate this to all the immigrants who are away from home (I am now reminded of a number of family and friends that the economic crisis and lack of expectation in this country have to fight for their dreams beyond our borders) and as my students and especially to you, Sanae.


5 Responses to WEDDING (SHORT FILM)

  1. alex mejias on 16 December, 2015 at 18:06

    Este vídeo muestra la dificultad que tiene la gente que ha emigrado a otro país para contactar o ir a celebraciones familiares como un entierro, una boda… A pesar de la dificultades que le van surgiendo hace todo lo posible para poder llamar a su hija el día de su boda mostrando lo que una madre puede hacer por sus hijos por muy lejos que estén.

  2. Brisa Rodriguez on 16 December, 2015 at 13:07

    La madre y amigos a pesar de estar a miles de km dela boda de su hija se arreglan y todo para llamar a su hija por telefono y celebrarlo
    este corto no lo he entendido muy bien…..

  3. menana on 23 March, 2013 at 21:05

    Me a gusta. el corte porque te enseña el sufrimiento de los emigrantes que esta lejos de de sus familia y asi lo puedes entender mas

  4. Hamza on Echaibi 15 March, 2013 at 14:41

    Es espectacular lo que esta señora hace por asistir a la boda de su hija aun estando a muchos kilómetros de distancia y eso demuestra lo que puede hacer una madre por su hija/o que hasta deja su trabajo. Es asombroso

  5. Anouar Saad Moussaoui is 15 March, 2013 at 14:33

    Este corto, al principio no lo acabo de entender del todo ¿porqué la madre y las amigas se visten y se preparan para una boda que esta a miles de km?. Pero pese a todo llaman por teléfono y lo celebran. Qué no harían una madre por si hija.

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