27 December, 2011




Harvie is a Polish man who has Tourette Syndrome, consisting unstoppable momentum with a finger touch the tip of the nose to the people. A consequence of this was marginalized in school, why her mother decided to retire from teaching to begin to impart lessons herself at home. His mother, illiterate and with a tendency to talk to people who are not there, tried to convey by deeds (fakts) their knowledge about life… Eighteen-winning short-winning international awards, among which include the Oscar and mentions at festivals such as Annecy, Toronto, Valladolid, Sundance, Sitges, Montreal or Australian Film Academy.

”The vidano not about having good cards, but in playing well one has…” and that's what I try to do the good Harvie Krumpet despite the many problems that have to be overcome since his early childhood manages to give meaning to your life and do what I really like. Personal Enrichment, dignity and above all a hymn to the pursuit of happiness. Overcoming continuous tripping and challenges that life brand. I really liked it. Highly recommended.
Gonzalo Carter Cassinello

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