6 November, 2013


-”I love you” – said the little prince…
-”I love you too” – said the pink.
-”No es lo mismo” – he replied…

“Will is taking possession of something, someone's. You look at the other that which fills the personal expectations of affection, Company…
Will is our what we do not belong to us, you take ownership or want something to complete us, because at some point we recognize lacking.

Will is waiting, is to stick to things and people from our needs. Then, when we have no suffering reciprocity. When the “all right” wanted not for us, we are frustrated and disappointed.
If I want someone, have expectations, I hope something. If the other person does not give me what I expect, I suffer. The problem is that there is a greater likelihood that the other person has other motivations, we are all very different. Every human being is a universe.

Love is wanting the best for the other, even if you have very different motivations.
To love is to allow you to be happy, even when the road is different from mine. It is a selfless feeling that arises in a donated, is given completely from the heart. For this, love will never be a cause of suffering.
When a person says he has suffered for love, actually suffered for want, not love. You suffer from addictions. If you really love, may not suffer, waited for nothing other.
When we love we give without asking anything in return, the simple pleasure of giving.

But it is also true that this delivery, this awareness, disinterested, only gives knowledge. We can only love what we know, because love involves jumping into the void, entrust the life and soul. And the soul is not compensated.
And knowing is just to know you, your joys, of your peace, but your anger, your struggles, your mistake. Because love transcends anger, the fight, error and is not just for times of joy.

Amar is confident that whatever happens you'll be, not because I Debas nothing, not selfish possession, but to be, in silent company.

Love is knowing that you do not change the time, and storms, and my winters.
To love is to give a place in my heart for you to stay as a parent, mother, brother, son, friend and know that yours is a place for me.
Give love not exhaust the love, instead, it increases. How much love back, is to open your heart and be loved.”

-”I get it” – said the pink.
-” Do not understand, live it” – said the little prince.

(Author: Viviana Baldo- Literary Recreation)



After reading this essay discusses the following questions.

  1. As the little prince: 
  1. What is love?. 
  2. Does the term has to do with wanting to take possession of someone?, Why?. 
  3. Wanting a person can create you need it?. Razona tu respuesta. 
  4. When there is suffering as the little prince?. Do you usually occur?. What is the problem with liking people?. 
  5. What is love?. 


  6. Why love will never be a cause of suffering?. 
  7. The love is given from the knowledge?. Why? 
  8. Why do you know the person to love them?. 
  9. What does the phrase "Whatever happens will be”?. 


  10. Do you have a friend who you know you will not fail? . Put some example, en el que te lo haya demostrado. 
  11. Does giving love love exhausts?. Razona tus respuestas. 






  1. wendy jasmin on 10 January, 2020 at 16:53

    no he logrado entenderle a todo ese verso del principito y la rosa

    Me podrian ayudar un poco a comprender

  2. Yaide on 3 September, 2019 at 21:28

    No entiendo eso nunca lo he leído en el principito, sin embargo muchas son las referencias en las redes al libro?

  3. ALEJANDRO PARRA on 23 February, 2019 at 15:25

    El principito siempre se entrego en cuerpo y alma a la rosa y aunque ella con el no demostraba el mismo afecto, era por el simple hecho de que ella al amarlo tanto no le podido brindar lo mismo que el le brindaba a ella, teniendo en cuenta que ella era tan fragil sabia plenamente que no podia llenar al amor de su vida con expectativas falsas de una realidad que no le podria brindar…

  4. ESTELA on 31 July, 2018 at 23:52


  5. Iulia maria iuga on 8 December, 2017 at 18:46

    La rosa quería al principito, lo quería solo para ella,para que le trajera agua todos los días y le pusiera la campana de cristal todas las noches. En cambio,el principito si la amaba a ella, quería lo mejor para ella, por eso hacía todo lo que ella quería.

  6. Pedro ardila on 30 November, 2014 at 13:14

    Eso es amar….

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